Announcement of the Nutrition and Bone Health Award Winner 2015

The International Institute for Nutrition and Bone Health is proud to announce the winner of the Nutrition and Bone Health Award 2015! The winner has been selected by a jury composed of a panel of scientists internationally renowned in the field of nutrition and bone health.

The Institute received numerous high quality applications from all over the world and the choice was very difficult. In recognition of outstanding achievement of one excellent application, the members of the Institute have decided to give the Nutrition and Bone Health Award to:

Dr. Connie Weaver from the Women's Global Health Institute, Purdue University USA

Connie Weaver uses controlled feeding studies and calcium isotopic tracers to study diet and bone growth and maintenance during the critical periods of puberty and menopause. Through summer research camps, her group determined calcium requirements for adolescents by sex and racial groups.

The awardee will be invited to a meeting of the Institute to present her research work and receive the award.

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