Presentation of the International Institute
for Nutrition and Bone Health

Over past decades, a wide body of scientific data has been accumulating to underline the importance of nutrition on bone health. It is clear that due to a sustained lack of bone nutrients, serious health problems can occur such as osteoporosis. Moreover, considering the prevailing situation of aging of the population, osteoporosis has become an increasing public health concern. Economical impact is huge and consequences on the individual quality of life can be severe whereas incidence of fractures could be reduce by adequate nutrition and physical exercise.

In this context, Yoplait established in April 2009 an Institute with the top experts of the domain, including bone health physiologist, nutritionist, rheumatologist, gynaecologist and endocrinologist, in order to consolidate the scientific consensus and have recommendations on research projects on the role of nutrition on bone health.

The consensual domains are presented in a modular power point presentation dedicated to the medical scientific community as health professionals are the most committed to raise awareness and thereby early prevention. As an example, all experts have unanimously emphasised the primary importance of calcium, protein, vitamin D and physical exercise all throughout the life for healthy bones. The process of evaluation of the existing scientific data was an in-depth and critical analysis in order to achieve consensus.

As the science grows and essential substantiation are provided, we are committed to update this presentation in order to assure that we have captured the latest scientific data.

Following this, the Institute will focus on the axes where further scientific substantiations are required and will recommend programs and Yoplait will encourage research on some key projects.

Yoplait is particularly honoured to collaborate with such acknowledged international experts. This joint partnership between academic and industry research has been constructive. We are thankful and also confident that this collaboration will lead to an increased awareness among the health professionals and will provide all the ground for a continued support for the set of causes dedicated to bone health.